Spud has the tools you need to build your ideal website. Whether using Rails or Grails, Spud provides fast, reliable, and easy to use features that don't get in the way.

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Page Management

Of Course! Setup editable areas, make different layouts, even use custom formatters.

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Menu Management

Every Site has to have some form of navigation. Spud makes it as easy as Drag and Drop.

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Cache Optimization

Don't want your site to get Fireballed or Slashdotted? Spud leverages the best caching for Rails and Grails.

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Low Footprint

Spud stays out of your way and keeps memory / CPU usage to a minimum, so you can better leverage your servers.

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SEO Optimized

With clean markup, sitemaps, and meta; Spud makes SEO a sinch.

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Auto Site Map

Finally, a platform that knows how to tell those pesky bots where to look.

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Auto RSS Feed

Have a lot to say? Maximize your audience with RSS built right in.

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Media Management

Upload It. Crop It. Scale It. You name it! Leverage the cloud while you're at it.

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Banner Management

Want some fancy pictures to swish about? Drag and Drop upload makes it easy.

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Modular Design is what makes this platform great. Pick the parts you need, leave out the cruft.

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Clean Admin

Maintaining your site should be easy. A clean, focused, easy to use interface is key!

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Sometimes one website just isnt enough, save yourself some time and manage them in one place!

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Dynamic Layouts

We thought about the guy designing the website. Keep it simple and stick your platform, or store them in the cloud for easy adjustment.

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Share your thoughts. Take comments. Block the Spam! 

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Gallery/Album Management

A picture is worth a thousand words. So why not a thousand photos?

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News/Events Management

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Spread the news, advertise events the way you want to.

How To Use

  • Ruby logo Rails

  • 1 Create a New Rails App
  • 2 Add spud_cms to your Gemfile
  • 3 rake railties:install:migrations
  • 4 rake db:migrate
  • 5 Run your app and go to spud/admin
  • Learn More
  • Grails logo Grails

  • 1 Create a New Grails App
  • 2 Add spud-cms to your BuildConfig
  • 3 Pick other modules you might want.
  • 4 Run your app and go to spud/admin
  • 5 Sip some Coffee
  • Learn More

Spud Kicks Ass... It Really Kicks Ass.

Brian Wheeler, Bertram Labs
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Platform Comparison

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