Spud Grails 0.4.x Released with Tons of New Features

Posted by David Estes on 2014-05-15 12:00 AM

Today, I am pleased to announce a lot of new features for the Spud Grails ecosystem. We've been working hard to bring these features up to snuff from the Rails world and a lot of these features have evolved into much more powerful uses.


  • Handlebars.java Support integrated into all formatted text areas of Spud
  • Alternative Datasource Support via config.
  • Blog / News Module now available for prerelease use (via spud-blog)
  • Atom/RSS Feed Support
  • Custom WYSIWYG editor extensibility (including CodeMirror for RAW HTML editing)
  • Extensible Formatter Support.
  • Markdown Support Added (via spud-markdown)
  • Caching Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes.


Handlebars gives your users a powerful means to adjust their content. By gaining access to params and the page object in cms you can
adjust how your information is presented. For Example, we use this feature in documentation pages to dynamically adjust an apiKey example:

Oohlalog.api_key = '{#if params.apiKey}{params.apiKey}{else}YOUR API KEY HERE{/if}'

Pretty cool right? This even grants access to grails tag libs in the sp namespace. We use this on this very site to show recent news on the home page:

<ul class='news'>
  {#news limit="3"}
      <p>{post.title} Created by {post.userDisplayName} on {post.publishedAt}</p>

NOTE: To keep the handlebars example from being evaluated the examples use a single { instead of 2 (or 3 for html safe).
For more information regarding the handlebars syntax. Check out the website here

Spud Blog

With the advancement into Spud 0.4.x we have released the first version of spud-blog. While this plugin still has a ways to go, we are already using it on this very site and figured you might like to try it out. Create News or Blog Posts (configurable for your use case). Set future publish dates, edit in markdown, and more.

Creating a blog post is so convenient and easy:

Blog Edit Screenshot

Coming Soon:

  • Post Categories
  • Comment Management
  • Spam Protection